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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ongobay, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. Ongobay Active Member

    What is the best phone u have ever owned?
  2. The Lostprophet New Member

    has to be my nokia 6210...
  3. bambi77uk New Member

    I like my 3310 had no problems with it so far
  4. Admin Administrator

    my 3310 keeps crashing and says "NOT CHARGING" :mad:
  5. Area52 Active Member

    mine says that too.
  6. r4ge Active Member

    Nokia's are good. But sumtimes have a load of faults.
  7. Mungall New Member

    nothing can compare to nokia and the 5210 is lookin hot at the mo
  8. Area52 Active Member

    my 7110 and my 3310 both dont charge now! :(
  9. casio New Member

    ive had a phillips Diga, phillips c12, nokia 5110, 3210,3310,8210,8310,7110,3330,9210 communicator
    motorola trium, mitsubishi (forgot the name) ericsson t18, t28

    and i can honestly say the best has been the 8210, although i did like the 9210 but it kept breaking and needed reparing all the time

  10. trunx New Member


    Mines da 3330e coz its white default cover looks so sexy!
  11. mysterio New Member

    my new phone, the panasonic gd67 is great.
    coz its jus so light and compact and looks wikid
  12. Thug Life New Member

    Nokia 6510, i luv it, its me best fone! :D

    Has alot of space on it 4 texts, pic mssges n ringtones! :D

  13. bryon New Member

    yea..i got one 2...but no composer :(
  14. Thug Life New Member

    Hehe, i keep a 3210 in da house, so i can compose ringtones 4 ma 6510 :D ! :bouncing:

  15. bryon New Member

    i got a 3310. but got no cable.Ne1 care to 'donate' one? :)
  16. Thug Life New Member

    Dat fone has a COMPOSER on it, y don't u just use it 2 compose your own Ringtones ?

  17. bryon New Member

    got it thanx thug
  18. Imh0t3p New Member

    my 6310...cool..but keep on crashing....
  19. Thug Life New Member

    Every1 who'z got a fone da crashes, all u need 2 do in most cases iz upgrade tha software on tha fone 2 tha latest 1.

    In most cases this can solve tha problem!

  20. spiderbites3 New Member

    look at this thread u all voted nokia then u all say there shite wiv all there faults i personally prefer errikson there makin sum good fones at the mo n i think there gona do beta than nokia soon

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