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blyk uk

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by crazydealer, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. crazydealer New Member

    the new network offer service to 16-24 year olds and it seems kool, its like o2 p&g where u top up £10 to get 50 mins 300 text, where as in blyk its FREE to get 217 texts and 43 mins, catch is dat it sends u 6 messages per day about adverts and stuff. its a market research sim so u only top up if u wana use credit after r allowence has gone, otherwise just wait for next months allowence for free....

    more info:

  2. i use it. great as a spare sim! :p
  3. Admin Administrator

    Cheers for this, going to use it as a spare sim :)

    By the way, can you PM me an invite?
  4. crazydealer New Member

    sent the invite to you, good luck mate
  5. Admin Administrator

    Cheers mate :)
  6. Admin Administrator

    I was just about to sign up and their terms and conditions seems a bit strange.

    They want you to return the sim card if you stop using it?
  7. crazydealer New Member

    it shouldn't really be a problem as you are seen as being inactive after 185 days. and thats just terms and condition bull.... i wouldn't worry about it lol
  8. Admin Administrator

    What sort of adverts do they send to your phone?
  9. jenkinsalun New Member

    nothing interesting really, had mine a few days and just put it in a spare phone to keep in the car for emergencies lol
  10. Lee Mystery New Member

    This seems a better way of carrying out Market Research. How do you go about receiving an invite for this service? And... do the third party companies start mass mailing to your home address too?
  11. crazydealer New Member

    na you don't get third party letters through your door. And the adverts are like....colgate lol and optional surveys etc...i broke my sim coz i accidentally blocked it. Cant be bothered to order another replacement lol
  12. maj New Member

  13. done
  14. maj New Member

    Thank You Very Very Much Brother Can You Send Me Another One For My Friend Please If You Dont Mind
  15. email address of ya mate?
  16. maj New Member

  17. maj New Member

    It Is Asking For A Driving License But I Dont Ave One So What Shall I Do Now
  18. maj New Member

  19. maj New Member

    Its Asking For A Driving License But I Dont Have One And I Am 19 Years Old So What Do I Do Please Help
  20. maj New Member

    Does Anyone Know How To Make Free Calls Even If The Minutes Run Out

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