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does anyone know "orange restiction code"?

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by Amanda, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Amanda New Member

    my dad has a orange phone on contract, and it has just finished his contract, i have tried to put my O2 sim in and it says "enter restriction code".
    Does anyone know the code you need to enter, tried phoning up"orange" and they wont give me the code.
  2. Silentscorn New Member

    hi im quessin u have a nokia? if so get someone to Remote Unlock it.
  3. Terry Active Member

    U can try askin Thug Life to do it for you. Can't remember how much he charges though
  4. JimmyT New Member

    I asked in an Orange Shop. The guy told me: "it's £10 to unlock your phone but we don't do it here". Normally you have to call orange customer support and ask them to give you or buy the unlock code.
  5. cool0 Member

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