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france will win world cup

Discussion in 'Sports' started by sebkone, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. sebkone New Member

    france will win world cup.

    i've say the 26/06 france will win spain 3-1 and france win 3-0.

    i've say the 26-06 france will win world cup 2-0

    you can check all this here.

    username sebk1

    is in french sorry but is true.
  2. neeraj New Member

    i say germany if i had 2 chose
  3. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    dirty french cu nts wont win anything and don't deserve to either. I hope germany win as they are the best of a fu cking bad bunch of dirty f ucks.
  4. neeraj New Member

    the winner b the team that get away with cheatin the most simple as but with player i would say germany on there performce over the world cup
  5. sebkone New Member

    @ amo very smart language lol.

    keep in your isle whit horse and cow . and let us play the world cup please lol ;)

    and when france 'll win the world cup i'll come back to post here.kiss , seb.
  6. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    even if you do win, you'll always be dirty french c unts.
  7. kinny_11 New Member

    germany will win now they have got the support of the home crowed. do u not think?
  8. kinny_11 New Member

    germany will win now they have got the support of the home crowed. do u not think?
  9. Jonesy New Member

    I dont really care who wins now...

    Zidane for me has had a great world cup...
  10. KuleX New Member

    If anyone wins the World Cup it shouldn't be Italy and Portugal those cheating, diving actors. And whilst France have grown a recent habit of diving at least they have great players who play great football like Henry, Zidane, Vieira, Wiltord and Govou. Germany should win since they've improved since the beginning of the tournament. Their defence is a lot more solid than previously and I quite like Miroslav Klose.
  11. neeraj New Member

    well long as it france or germany i dont care as i dont think they cheated as much as the over 2 teams i mean both of them shouldnt be in the semi they just lucky
  12. sebkone New Member

    @amo and you even we lost you'll be always an idiot.

    who are you for say this country or people are dirty?

    i'm rugby player , i have a lot of friend in uk ( wigan,london,edinburg) and they have respect for france. for hois rugby and culture.

    never i'll think all english are same idiot or dirty because i meet a stupid guy in one forum( you in occurence lol).

    if we lost we'll be happy anyway for our world cup. best regards
  13. sebkone New Member

    yes i think like you. germany have his people , is the 12 player.they can win .
    we have win in 98 the world cup by the people too. br seb
  14. sebkone New Member

    thx , in spain before match they told zidane is finish, good for jubilar....
    a big player never die, like beckam ,henry,ronaldo... and a lot of player. ++ seb
  15. sebkone New Member

    for me too the 2 team who merit to win is germany or france.

    germany defence is very good we'll know the end of story very soon now. c ya
  16. sebkone New Member

    just for information and for learn can you explain me how and when germany and france have cheat?
  17. neeraj New Member

    has every1 4got that they both still gotta beat italy n portugal n after all in this world cup anything can happen at the start i was pretty sure i new 3 of 4 club that be in semi would been england brazil n argentina but look how it turn out only way to win this year world cup is to pay the ref or buy him your national shirt n then cheat as much as you can
  18. KuleX New Member

    Cheat as much as you can? That's Portugal and Italy down. Bribing the red? Italy again. If anyone can match the talent and depth of the French side right now then it's Italy, however, out of the current semi finalists they have had the poorest form. Germany has had the strongest run of form after a shakey start and I personally feel are the only real team that can settle France down.
  19. Jonesy New Member

    He has been a class act to watch over the years.

    Just a shame hes retiring after this world cup.
  20. neeraj New Member

    r well let say bye bye 2 germany and 2 1 of the post up there i didnt say germany and frace cheated i said they didnt that why they deserve to be in the final but germany aint so bye bye germany

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