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Gettin confussed unlocking my gd87

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by MaKa, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. MaKa New Member

    Hello everybody,
    I have tried several different program to try unlocking my gd87, and none of them seem to work. I have one program called crack2d and that is looking one of the best so far, but I keep gettin a message saying timed out! Do I need to cover up pins 4 and 10 for it to work correct?

    Please can somebody give me the simple steps on how to unlock my phone, what software I will need and where to get it from because the simcard I want to use is o2 and the phone is locked to vodaphone...

    Please help me!

  2. shodz171 New Member

    same as me im confused as well
  3. MaKa New Member

    worked it and and its ok now

    if u are on a39, down grade the software to a22 then get the unlocking codes, once u have the unlocking codes u can upgrade te phon to say a53 like i did and unlock it.
  4. unlockall New Member

    for panasonic gd87 you must have an adaptator for 9v suplie (or suplemenatry sorry for the word)lol or you can modifie your cable, or if you have an ub whit 5v flash suply is ok too.
  5. sahaya New Member

    you have already said that you've tried software and didn't help. why don't you try some other method to unlock your phone. you can try unlocking through codes. you can get the unlock codes either from your service provider or from other online providers like Simpleunlocking.com

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