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HELP! Sim Card Rejected?! HELP!

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by Mafian, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. Mafian New Member

    u need to contact the provider and get it sorted out. ame thing happend to me and when u get it sorted dont change anything or it may hpen again
  2. rahul New Member

    dis happened once to 1 of my frend's fone i fink he soerted it out by callin d operator/service provider!
  3. Dj_rudeness New Member

    swansea u r a cock,it cudnt have been right if it cocked up.it always tells u to enter a new pin even if the puk code is wrong. like everyone has said,conact ur SP and dont enter the puk code any more times than around 30 or u will block your sim card totally
  4. Thats "2pacs" SO MUCH PAIN!
  5. Lucas Shrek New Member

    If you get this problem call the customer care number and try to solve it and if not possible go to the nearest your gsm card center and your problem is solved and they will charge you some amount.

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