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Hi All

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SlickPrick, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. SlickPrick New Member

    Hello my name is john and im new to this forum and i would like to tell u all that im happy to be here
  2. peter New Member

    Hello i am new also
  3. Area52 Active Member

    Hello and welcome to sms masters
  4. peter New Member

    thanks area
  5. Fluffie New Member

    hello slick prick and peter.
  6. peter New Member

    hello fluffie and slickprick and irish girl and missbehave
  7. Fluffie New Member

    who is miss behave?
    edit: oh,she is a member.i am after reading her posts.:)

    [Edited on 24-3-2003 by Fluffie]
  8. cathyquigley New Member

    hello :arse:
    thats me, why? :puzzled:

    [Edited on 24-3-2003 by MissBehave]
  9. peter New Member

    She said hi to me in another post mr. fluffie
  10. Missy New Member

    hi im new too :)
  11. SchrodingersCat New Member

    hello all.welcome.
  12. *sexy* New Member

    hey y'all...welcome 2 da forum...:smilegrin:
  13. littlecuttie New Member

    hello all new users :D

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