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Hi am Riya...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by riya, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. riya New Member

    nebody from notts or brumy in here?????
  2. Admin Administrator

    welcome, again :)
  3. riya New Member

  4. *sexy* New Member

    i fink he sed 'again' cos he sed hello at da top of da page aswel...lol...
  5. riya New Member

    ohh rite i dint check lol!
  6. IRF New Member

    Im not from notts or brumy but i live near brumy! Anyway im IRF nice meeting u! I hope u like it here cuz i do! Dis site rocks!:D P.s. Nice name!;)

    [Edited on 21-3-2003 by IRF]
  7. riya New Member

    hey thanxs!! oh rite well am from notts...17 year old college student i been to brumy many times kool place to chill.... all ma asian mates chill down star city weneva we go!!lol
  8. king New Member

    hi if u need help a member will help so u'll fit in just fine
  9. riya New Member

    ok thnxs
  10. Gary New Member

    Hiya Riya hows you Welcome to smsmasters forums. vote for lectures in the poll sections thanks
  11. pep972 New Member

    hello to you

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