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How the hell do you unlock this phone...?

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by jaimex2, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. jaimex2 New Member

    Im trying to unlock a Nokia 3105 bought from Orange so I can switch SIMs, only that...
    The Mobile runs off the network without a SIM. The phone inside has no SIM in the slot but works on the Orange network. The SIM slot has a sticker saying "Card Slot non functional" and obiously, putting a SIM card from another company did nothing.

    So how would I go about making the SIM slot working.. unlokcing from there shouldn't be too hard.
  2. xtreme-mobile Member

    1: never heard of 3105 and is not listed on any calc ive seen
    2: is there any point of unlocing it if the sim bit dont work? or have i missed something ?


  3. jaimex2 New Member

    1: > http://nokia-asia.com/nokia/0,,43522,00.html this is the phone

    2:> The sim bit might not work due to a software lockout on the phone itself, Im hoping to fix this by doing somthing like... Connect cable to phone and activate SIM slot the same way you unlock features using cable on many other phones maybe? Just wanna know if its possible or another way.

    The slot it there and all, its just not active...
  4. MobyProject New Member

    The Nokia 3105 is not a GSM phone which is why its not listed on any unlocker.

    It is a CDMA phone

  5. Admin Administrator

    The 3105 is the american version of the Nokia 3100...
  6. kanaga Member


    you can easily unlock your Nokia 3105,
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    It has the best instructions and solutions for unlocking!!
  7. sukukapi New Member

    I think it is a cdma phone

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