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It's so easy!

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by trunx, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. trunx New Member

    If ya live in da uk or any where else really!

    In bradford/leedz there are sooooooooooo many shops that have big advertz in da windowz that say' all nokia phones unlocked for £5.00 it takes 20 seconds all they do is stick a wire in and press a button on there pc!

    Try it!

    Unlocking unlockes your phone to all available networks nd will enable you to actuall use an external centre number!
  2. mani13 Member

    ya its a good information about unlocking nokia mobile.......
    Like this way i got the unlock code for my nokia mobile from this site http://www.superunlockcodes.com/nokia/rs12wp8/ , here it gives the easy methods to get the mobile unlocked.........

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