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Madeline McCann

Discussion in 'Real World Issues' started by Jonesy, May 14, 2007.

  1. Jonesy New Member

    Madeline McCanns 4th birthday has just been and gone. This little girl won't even know that. However her parents do and are suffering unimaginable pain.

    I hope for the safe return of Madeline & to bring this nutcase to jail.

    My thoughts are with the family.
  2. stevelondon20 Member

    I cannot describe how lost and stunned this family must be. Some sick individual has their daughter, and whoever he is will pay for this. I just pray that she is alive and well, and that they catch this lunatic as soon as possible, and find maddy very soon.
  3. dj_daz_d Member

    i agree with yous both
    i have a daughter who is just coming up for 3 and i cant possibly imagine what the family must be going through right now.
    i hope she gets found soon and returns home safely.
  4. Jonesy New Member

  5. Admin Administrator

  6. Admin Administrator

  7. stevelondon20 Member

    I really hope they find this poor girl. Cant believe some1 would want to do this to such a defenceless young child
  8. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    I hate to say it, but I don't think theres any chance of her being alive now.
  9. stevelondon20 Member

    Oooo thats a bit harsh. Hope thats not true
  10. darrenconwy New Member

    Lets hope they find her soon.
    I dont know what i would do if i lost one of mine.
  11. Admin Administrator

  12. stevelondon20 Member

    blimey 1.5 million. I really hope the bring her home safe
  13. barratt23 New Member

    I thought the reward was up to 2m now

    Doesn't matter how much money they throw at this one, unfortunatly i cant see it bringiin her back :(
  14. Jonesy New Member

    I cant ethier, there really is some nutters about! :mad:

    I heard on BBC Radio Derby that its gone up to 2.5M
  15. barratt23 New Member

    Seen on another forum there were reports of sightings of her in Morocco, not sure how true it is cos ive not had a chance to watch the news :(
  16. Admin Administrator

    I presume they are getting the reward money from donations?
  17. Jonesy New Member

    Yeah i read that in one of the papers at the weekend.

    A woman was in a shop and apperently saw her
    & a man. But she was so stunned and wasnt sure,
    that she didnt do anything about it.
  18. stevelondon20 Member

    how the hell they get to morrocco. It must be fake
  19. Pr1ncess New Member

    I hope they do find her, to be honest, I can't see it as it's been nearly 3 weeks now. :( Still, there's hope!!!
  20. stevelondon20 Member

    we'll all pray for her

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