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Manchester UTD v Exeter

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Dan New Member

    manchester united v exeter live on BBC1 kickoff 7:45!
    post u r thoughts in here of that match while it's on
  2. Terry Active Member

    I can't watch it :( My bro is playing on the xbox and my mums watchin crappy soaps! Any links for it?
  3. Dan New Member

    any excuse u just cant afford a t.v lol messin with ya
    theres a link yes: mms://vod-vip.cnctv.cn/ESPN Windows Media Player
    note: the link wont work for all...
  4. Terry Active Member

    Mines 512k! Damn :(
  5. Jonesy New Member

    One trick wonder has scored 1-0 to man u :(
  6. Dan New Member

    try it anyways tez.
    damn man utd have to score dont they,
  7. Terry Active Member

    Dont matter now my bro has gone out, bring on bbc 1 lol
  8. Area52 Active Member

    i hope Exeter wins :D

    good luck to them :D
  9. Dan New Member

    Wayne rooney need's to calm down abit or he'll be in big trouble soon.
    And lol the crowd shouting YOU FAT BAST***D! to rooney!
  10. Epsos live each day as it comes

    wooooo manu playing a strong side tonight (ther scared) wat of excetr no wy wweere gona win
  11. Jonesy New Member

    I loved it when the clown got meged lol
  12. Dan New Member

    man utd are been played all over exeter has had more chances...
  13. Terry Active Member

    U sure? lol Man Utd have had loads of chances and exeter has had 2 chances lol u obviously ain't watchin the same match :rolleyes:
  14. Terry Active Member

    lmao burnley won liverpool :D
  15. Dan New Member

    yes but exeters chances were better really...
    and man utd phff they suck now they wont win anything this year
  16. Terry Active Member

    Just like Arsenal, lmao at the bolton match :p
  17. Dan New Member

    like man utd, lmao at portsmouth match what was it 1-0? lmao
  18. Terry Active Member

    Manu v arsenal match.....2-0 :p
  19. Epsos live each day as it comes

    yeah it always seems like manu beat arsenal lol
  20. Trevor Active Member

    i hate man u, so hope exeter win. then again i wud say that being from the exeter area!exeter seem stronger in the second half.

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