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Manchester UTD v Exeter

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Dan New Member

    lol man utd always cheat to win arsenal if u never noticed in that 2-0 win rooney dived but still got it cheating fcuk's
    man utd are getting played all over by exeter there gunna score one man utd only had one shot this half lmao
  2. Trevor Active Member

    they better do. i'd love to see exeter knock man u out!
  3. adzlotus V i P Member

    i think il be man u 3 ex 0
  4. Trevor Active Member

    na it wont be. exeter are playing better now:)
  5. adzlotus V i P Member

    lol if you say so!
  6. Dan New Member

    should of been a goal that it wasnt offside
  7. Trevor Active Member

    def shud have been a goal!lol
  8. Dan New Member

    yeah the cheating man utd shouldnt win this they dont deserve to win NOTHING!
  9. Trevor Active Member

    i hate them!cum on exeter get at least 1!!2 wud be excellent!damn ref got in the way just now
  10. Dan New Member

    exeter are way better than man utd it should be exeter in the fa premier league and man utd in the confrence
  11. Trevor Active Member

    i agree!lol. exeter have starting playing really well, lets just hope time doesnt run out b4 they get atleast a goal, then that wud mean extra time!
  12. Dan New Member

    wayne rooney is not worth £25 million he is the worst player man utd have bought and thats saying something because there all CRAP!
    did you see the 6 yard box comotion lol good defending, and there keeper to say he's 18 hes brilliant
  13. Trevor Active Member

    thats was all bollocks!.damn, fuking twat!
  14. Trevor Active Member

    exeter keeping is good. i met a couple players as well as saw the FA Cup in exeter a few days b4 the last match they played. scott hiley is a greta chap and the manager is pretty cool 2!!!
  15. Dan New Member

    rooney scored about time he scored a goal its always the midfielders scoring for man utd. at least exeter played well
  16. Trevor Active Member

    yeh, well done to exeter, they did there best
  17. Dan New Member

    at least it wasnt 10-0 or something...
    hey barney v exeter next in there league game...
    remember the beggining of the season friendly Arsenal V Barnet arsenal won 10-1
  18. Trevor Active Member

    yeh, they did really we to keep it to 2-0. every1 thinks exeter r **** just coz they in the conference but u think a conference side keeping a premiership side first to a 0-0 draw then only losing 2-0 are crap? i dont fink so!!!
  19. Dan New Member

    yeah well at least liverpool got knocked out,
  20. Terry Active Member

    Ur only saying that cus didnt want manu to win lol. It was clearly offside and u know it ;)

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