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Miva Inline Ads

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Admin Administrator

    I've added Miva Inline Ads to the entire forum.

    You might notice that certain words will be "double underlined" and if you hover, an ad will appear.

  2. stevelondon20 Member

    dean and phreaks have this. Very nice
  3. Admin Administrator

    SmsMasters has now been accepted by Miva.
  4. stevelondon20 Member

  5. Terry Active Member

    There proper annoying.
  6. stevelondon20 Member

    they are good in a way, cos it highlights certain points of interest. But can grate after a while yes
  7. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    There is a way to limit how many you have on a page by using content markers.
  8. Admin Administrator

    Well anyway, these ads really do help pay off for the hosting. :) SmsMasters would literally not be here without them.
  9. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    Should use content markers and limit how many are displayed as it is slows the page down. I only get a few on my site where as this site is rammed with them.
  10. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Generated much revenue with them?
  11. Admin Administrator

    Less than a packet of crisps a day at the moment.
  12. Admin Administrator

    I fixed the miva ad code so that it loads independently and it should not slow down the forum loading time any more.
  13. stevelondon20 Member

    great stuff. I reckn its a good idea having these mviva ads. If it works, it works
  14. Admin Administrator

    Had to take them off as Google wouldn't allow them. Oh well.
  15. stevelondon20 Member

    a shame :(
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