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MobiLuck B2.0

Discussion in 'Mobile General' started by Admin, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Admin Administrator

    This app is good for bluejacking people:

  2. johnrebua New Member

    Yes this apps very useful for me... coz on 6600 v4.09.1 can't send .jar, awb. & sis file via BT... this Mobiluck 100% can send any file want you want...

  3. escobar New Member

    does it also expire like their previous version of Mobiluck?
  4. johnrebua New Member

    Try this full version...


    Attached Files:

  5. Admin Administrator

    Just use seleq or fileexplorer
  6. johnrebua New Member

    Totally can't i already try many times... if previous version yes 100%
  7. sonicdeejay New Member

    thx..buddy... me from iphone too ;)
  8. cotton New Member

    Has it been decided if bluejacking is calssed as illegal yet?
  9. [JZ] New Member

    Cheers for the App, much appreciated. :cool:
  10. michael2427 New Member

    will this work on T610s?
  11. Afroman New Member

    Bluejacking isn't illegal! At least isnt in my country!
  12. Epsos live each day as it comes


    is this for bluesnarfing or sbluejacking i dont get how to use it any one got instrutions novice i am lol
  13. Epsos live each day as it comes

    it aint free it says take 10 credits away helllppppppp lol
  14. zahid New Member

    is there any apps for bluejacking for 7600????
  15. Dan New Member

    do you think it would work on nokia 7600!?
  16. crazydealer New Member

    no, it only takes .jar files! i need one for my nokia 7600. any offer?
  17. jayko New Member

    i ALWASY GET installation not finsihed please try later!
  18. theblackhearted New Member

    hey i got a Nokia 6820 and a Sony Ericsson T610, is tehre anybluetooth program i can use to do anything !!
  19. Shaggy New Member

    Mobiluck 3.01 full

    install mobiluck 3.0 crack it (instructions in the zip file) then install 3.01 over it, it will be the premium version

    Attached Files:

  20. moby_buff New Member

    i tried that but the files were .rar and the phone wont take the files

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