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New SMSC O2 UK (04/06)

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by Mobile Masti, Jun 4, 2003.

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  1. Mobile Masti New Member

    +40722009000 Working instant on o2 (Thanks to me again)
  2. Jonesy New Member

    ur so clever getting them off the waxxtm list lol but i had it earlier
  3. scott.herring Active Member

    how cums theres bare smsc's atm?? thnx
  4. thx! I've already got it but thx anyway jagz03
  5. Terry Active Member

    cheers mate works instant
  6. katzinthehouse New Member

    i got it off jonesy.. so thanx jonesey :)
  7. cartenz New Member

    work for me on +62..., thanks mate!!!
    :) :) :)
  8. woody2 New Member

  9. ANEEL Member

    hw comes thereare so many smscs know
  10. Terry Active Member

    cus we're special lol
  11. flepp4ever New Member

    cheers mate
  12. -ShOcKeR- I Love Sonu!

  13. Terry Active Member

    Bet it slows down soon
  14. manish Active Member

    it will die soon! as its already on many forums
  15. Terry Active Member

    Oh well! Big up to O2-Online Sims:lol:
  16. Jonesy New Member

    lol @ 3510i badass
    no probs katz ; )

    [Edited on 4-6-2003 by jonsey_2k3]
  17. Terry Active Member

    Hope i get my 100 free sims
  18. Jonesy New Member

    u should get most of them, i got most of mine last time
  19. Terry Active Member

    I better get all of them lol
  20. Jonesy New Member

    what you gona do?? lol
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