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--------->>>post pics of urself in here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Admin, Feb 22, 2003.

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  1. snowman3310 New Member

    u look cool man. Who here thinks he's well fit? If i wasnt a guy id go out with him
  2. ShaneMcGaye New Member

    lol!!! Thank you! you are very strange,no offence though!:D

    does anybody know how i can make my pic appear withhout it being attached?:puzzled:
  3. admon New Member

    man debbi you are ugly and fat i was just lookin at your photo there
  4. einstein New Member

    Hey everyone. Im einstein. I chose the name cos im really smart. Do you want me to put up a picture of myself and my mates? You can guess which one is me.
  5. debz New Member

    yes n c who gets it right!
  6. -Rich- New Member

    i can get a pic of me soon ish i hope not at the moment coz it not hair on my head it kinda alive i think :) i said i werent gettin it cut till m8 did he said till i did weeks ago kinda as a joke and well we ent and that was weeks ago :( so i'll post 1 when i get it cut ((yes i am sad))
  7. mad max New Member

    here is a picture of me in my house,what do you think ladies?


    [Edited on 20-3-2003 by mad max]
  8. ShaneMcGaye New Member

    why have you taken them pictures from my brothers website? He only put them there for a joke. You are only making it worse:(
    i will have to get him to take them down.

    [Edited on 20-3-2003 by ShaneMcGaye]
  9. admon New Member

    brilliant mad max top stuff,i think someone has made a fool of you shane mcgaye
  10. einstein New Member

    I will have a picture up by tomorrow.
  11. razorblades New Member

    somebody has made a fool of shane mcgaye
  12. houdini New Member

    I dont see anyone makin fun of Shane.
  13. ShaneMcGaye New Member

    I forgive any1 who makes fun of me. Im not ashamed of my looks. Quite proud actually. Does any1 else think im good looking?
  14. admon New Member

    no,im pretty your ugly:lol:

    [Edited on 20-3-2003 by admon]
  15. Area52 Active Member

    Cool more people have posted since i lasted checked :D
  16. einstein New Member

    All of my friends mums think that you are hot!!!! They would all love to shag you if they havent already.
  17. admon New Member

    einstein you dont have any friends,your a nerd
  18. ShaneMcGaye New Member

    thanks. Im kinda vain. Im always lookin after my hair and everythin but i think it pays off. Wot u think. I used to have long blonde hair but i cut it cause loads of guys were beating me up and calling me gay, but i forgive them now. Maybe ill grow my hair long again someday. Sometimes i just look at myself in the mirror and.....
  19. houdini New Member

    do grow it long. Mine used to be long to. I was always shagin and going to partys. Its better then being gay and having the same hair as every1 else. Im growing mine long again.
  20. snowman3310 New Member

    yeah u sound gay mr. houdini. I bet if u posted a picture of ureself every1 would laugh. U and gay have a lot of things in common
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