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Prince Harry apologizes after pictured in Nazi..

Discussion in 'Real World Issues' started by Admin, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Admin Administrator

    Britain's Prince Harry apologizes after pictured in Nazi uniform

    LONDON (AFP) - Britain's Prince Harry apologized after he was pictured on the front page of The Sun newspaper in a Nazi soldier's uniform which he wore to a fancy dress party.

    Thursday's edition of the Sun features Prince Harry, younger son of Britain's Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, wearing the uniform with an armband showing a swastika, emblem of the Nazi Party.

    A spokeswoman for the royal family who was contacted by AFP read a statement of apology.

    "I am very sorry if I caused any offense or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize," Prince Harry said in the statement.

    A source close to the royal family said the party took place sometime after January 1.

    Doug Henderson, Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne North and a former armed forces minister, said Prince Harry should not now be allowed to become a British Army officer.

    "After the revelations this evening I don't think this young man is suitable for Sandhurst," the army officer training school, he said.

    "If it was anyone else the application wouldn't be considered. It should be withdrawn immediately," he said.

    The Board of Deputies of British Jews welcomed the apology, according to Sky television.

    "We're gratified that the prince has apologized. The incident was in bad taste, especially in the runup to the holocaust memorial day, which the royal family will play a leading role in commemorating," it said.

    Holocaust memorial day is marked on January 27, the day in 1945 when the Soviet army liberated Auschwitz, the most infamous of the Nazi World War II concentration camps.

  2. gerald New Member

    this is interesting
  3. ross45 New Member

    a bet hod got a bollocking for that one haha :)

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