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Send Free Trial Fake or Anonymous SMS

Discussion in 'SMS' started by maria, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. maria New Member

    Bypass send fake sms and bulk sms trial demo from wadja.com 5 sms / day, sendega.com trial 30 day / o2 irreland 250 sms / month, and others sms gateway.

    Try Register from wadja.com and you get 5 sms fake / day and bypass send fake sms in this link : http://sms-smart.co.cc next
    If you have number from :
    Faroe Islands, Finland, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and UK Try Reg and Get 30 Fake SMS, You can reg with 1 number more account, check, What Your number after in this check Username and pass, if your number not use, You can register with same number. Check Acc Aktif or Not Aktif after 3 or 4 day Register to sendega.com
    You can bypass send fake sms in this link : http://sms-smart.co.cc/sendega-login.php and If you have account from O2 irreland you can bypass send webtexts 250 sms / month in this link : http://sms-smart.co.cc/sms-irreland.php

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