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Simlock Remote Server showing how its done, The Samsung kings 1400+ models supported!

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by Salami1_1, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Salami1_1 Member

    We are happy to present you with our latest SRS release version 12.8.31. This release combines our 2 latest updates released yesterday (30 Aug 2012) and the other a few days earlier. Again after a good night of sleep we release REAL updates instead of releasing 'updates' for every 2 or 3 new models or small changes :).
    Update details:

    Samsung Remote Server
    [+] Added P5100 Direct Unlock (*need root*)
    [+] Added SHW-M290s Direct Unlock / Read Codes
    [+] Added S5302 Duos Direct Unlock and Imei Repair (Primary and Secondary)
    [+] Added P3100 Direct Unlock (*need root*)
    [+] Added I8160L Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
    [+] Added I8160P Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
    [+] Android Usercode Temporary Bypass (Android up to v3.2)
    [+] Add NVM Read and Write for Qualcomm Chipsets on SRSPRO
    [+] NVM backup to server so repair files are available for all
    [+] Added S5570D Direct unlock / Read Codes / Imei Repair
    [+] Added S7500L Direct unlock / Imei Repair
    [+] Added S6500T Direct unlock / Imei Repair
    [+] Added T589W Direct unlock / Read Codes / Imei Repair
    [+] Added I577 Exhilarate Direct Unlock
    [+] Added T769 Galaxy S Blaze Direct Unlock
    [+] Added I9000T Direct Unlock / Read Codes (*need root*)
    [+] Added I9100T Direct Unlock (*need root*)
    [+] Added I9300T Direct Unlock (*need root*)
    [+] Added SHW-M240S Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
    [+] Added SHW-M440s Direct unlock (*need root*)
    [+] Added SHW-M380k Direct unlock (*need root*)
    [+] Added I8530 Galaxy Beam Direct unlock / Imei Repair (*need root*)
    [+] Added SC02D Direct unlock (*need root*)
    [+] Improved SC06D unlock, no root required!
    [+] Fixed support for UX500 Platform
    [+] Some Small Bug Fixes

    Get your unlock credits now at UnlockSamsungOnline.com
    or SimlockRemoteServer.com the home of SRS!

    IMEI Remote Server
    [+] Updated Blackberry with new PRDs
    [+] Updated Alcatel MTK database with latest models
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-12599-004
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-12907-003
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-17568-004
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-24660-002
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-26490-001
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-26900-001
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-27501-002
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-27559-001
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-27561-001
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-29080-001
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-40488-001
    [+] Added Blackberry MEP-46976-001
    [+] Added ZTE S505
    As always, all the best from
    SRS Team

    Simlock Remote Server - and the rest stays behind with sleep deprivation..

    Download latest SRS installer:
    SRS client installer
    Have a test look:
    username: 'test'
    password: 'srscom'

    All older versions stop working!

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    -Think, Save $, Unlock-
    -SRS Team-

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