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Smoking ban in England

Discussion in 'Real World Issues' started by Admin, May 4, 2007.


Do you agree with the smoking ban in England?

Yes - Saves people breathing second hand smoke = less health risks in the future 6 vote(s) 46.2%
No - This is a free country and we should be able to do as we wish. 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Neutral 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Mixed views - please post 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. stevelondon20 Member

    if u dont like it, dont smoke lol
  2. Jenny Swan New Member

    I am fully agreed with the decision of the Govt. We some times seen people smoking not only in pubs but also in homes in front of kids and the smoke can damage the little ones badly. And if we make the England a smoke free nation our next generation will adopt it very easily. If we still smoke in front of them they will definitely start smoking.
  3. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    Hows everyone finding the smoking ban now in england?
  4. Jonesy New Member

    I find it rather hard myself...
  5. cathyquigley New Member

    i seem to spend more time outside smoking, than inside when im out at a club . meet loads of ramdoms to chat to though. great craic
  6. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    Thats true, the time i was out in derry drinking with ones in my class with the after show party i met loads of people an started chatting away to them lol :gossip:

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