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smsmmasters highjacked??

Discussion in 'Website Issues & Suggestions' started by FlashHarry, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. FlashHarry New Member

    It seems that your hitherto recently inactive forum has been regenerated as an advertising base for an online poker service - surely all of those spurious posts can be deleted instead of just banned.

    By keeping lots of references - even if they are banned - it is STILL giving free advertizing for the company.

    This MUST be an open invitation for other scamming of an entire, practically inactive, forum such as smsmasters,as a free ad base.

    Is that all that smsmasters has become??
  2. neeraj New Member

    should go 2 the thread b4 the spammin happen and juts put couple .... so least the it say last post wasnt a free online poker serivec least until the mod delete the post n is the user banned yet
  3. jenkinsalun New Member

    I don't quite understand what you mean but in theory if we were all to stop coming here, a nice big hole would appear in admins pocket - maybe he'd do something about this place then.
  4. xtreme-mobile Member

    its cheap to run a forum mate

    hosting can be picked up for about £8 a month its only the license for vbulletin that cost but thats about £45 a year i think
  5. jenkinsalun New Member

    I know that, you know that - I was meaning more along the lines of the money brought in by the googleads.
  6. xtreme-mobile Member


    ah right ok sorry, mm not sure depends how much he is making on it, have you ever or do you click them very often? cos i dont
  7. jenkinsalun New Member

    I've not bothered for years.... basically as soon as it went down hill
  8. Admin Administrator

    The spammers haven't returned. It's all under control now. ;)
  9. karin New Member

    I am back

    just a quick note to say i don't know why but before your rehash of the site i was- for months- unable to post as a sign came up to say that it was not permitted whenever i tried to post. never did find why but it seems to be sorted now.

    I was never informed why and was unable to comment as i couln't even post.

    any ideas what happenned and why??
  10. Admin Administrator

    Hello and welcome to SmsMasters. I think it's because perhaps you didn't verify and click the link in the activation email, which is sent out during registration? Although I think it was just an error in the old version of the forum.
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