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Discussion in 'Real World Issues' started by Jonesy, May 4, 2007.

  1. Jonesy New Member

    Well England anyway. Ok I'll explain myself, we already have two Tescos here in Derby. There are advanced plans for another absolutely huge Tescos store, which as all you maths geniuses will have worked out makes for 3 Tescos. The only real competition for Tesco is 1 Morrisons and 1 Asda. I wouldn't be surprised to see them close in 10 years or so though as Tesco will obviously be able to offer very competive prices if they go on the way they have been recently opening loads of new stores throughout the country.

    Add to this the fact they have their own market so sewn up they have branched out into to everything from car insurance to internet services, how long before they dominate those areas and swallow the competition too?

    In terms of Supermarkets, Asda can compete with them in terms of price/buying power.

    Everything else, well not everyone wants to go to a Supermarket for this that and the other.

    The "Tesco Express" Stores are no better than Cornershops and similarly priced.

    Can anything stop Tesco? Whats your views on this?
  2. barratt23 New Member

    Its a dog eat dog world out there and only the strongest survive

    I personally wouldnt be to fussed if they were opening a huge tesco near me, it would mean more competitive price's from rival super markets which for us the buyer can only be a good thing
  3. Admin Administrator

    Well over here Sainsburys and Morrisons are very popular.

    My local Somerfield store usually reduces prices on a Sunday, that's when all the people come and grab bargains.

    The only way for other stores to stop Tesco is to aggressively price their stock, advertise more on the tv and offer more BOGOF offers.

    This is a very competitive world and the big dogs will bark louder.

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