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Try this out...

Discussion in 'SMS' started by phreaky, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young


    This is what you have to do...

    1. Log into Kleintext.de or if you do not have an account then sign up first.

    2. once you have logged in you will notice something like session=8bd3335a23cf67810f5a6ed83342278d in your address bar. Just copy the 8bd3335a23cf67810f5a6ed83342278d part of it and then go to the link above and paste it in the bit at the top that says "session:"

    That is it! 100% anon sms with 1500 chars! [IMG]

    You not even have to keep logging in. I am using the same session ID i have been using all day :)
  2. Admin Administrator

    Very useful tip mate. Cheers!
  3. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    stopped working now as many of them do. Still there though just incase.
  4. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    working again :)
  5. blitzerz Ex-Seeker

    how to register on Kleintext.de? i always got this msg "Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Ihr Account wurde erfolgreich angelegt.
    Bevor Sie sich einloggen können, müssen Sie jedoch erst durch einen Mitarbeiter freigeschaltet werden.
    Dies kann etwas Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, wir sind jedoch darum bemüht Sie möglichst schnell freizuschalten.

    Wir hoffen Sie haben dafür Verständnis." dunno what dat mean :D
  6. electrostorm New Member

    Google Translation:

    Congratulations, Your account has been successfully created.
    Before you can log in, you must, however, only after an employee unlocked.
    This may take some time, but we are trying to unlock as soon as possible.

    We hope you understand.
  7. r00r New Member


    www.Kleintext.de is my service. Since this thread Fakeaccoutns more than 2000 have been generated, I have the registration switched to manual review.

    For questions, write me an email to info@kleintext.de

    I thank you and ask for understanding.

    If you still want to register, please complete with personal data.
  8. hdly2010 New Member

    I agree too~

    I like wholesale headphones very much.
  9. morisedan New Member

    i need new free sms to and the sms number must start with 23 or 25 or 26

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