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World Leaders in Samsung Unlock - Unlocking over 20.000 p/m HOT UPDATE JOIN US

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by Salami1_1, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Salami1_1 Member

    We are happy to present you with our latest SRS release version 12.10.21.

    Already a SRS Fan / user? Please help us out and leave your feedback at any of the following sites:
    SRS Review Centre

    Thank you a million for your feedback! As a thank you, you can request a 10% discount code at our support.
    Just let them know your name and where you left your feedback. Important: this offer is ONLY valid if you have used our service before.
    We only want real feedback, not fake!

    What's new at Samsung Remote Server
    [+] Serial number Repair for Android phones (MSLADDR) like N7000, I9000, I9100, I9300 etc
    [+] Samsung B5512B Direct Unlock / Imei Repair (also slave)
    [+] Samsung S5830v Direct Unlock / Imei Repair
    [+] Samsung N7000B Direct Unlock / Imei Repair / MSL Repair
    [+] Samsung N7100 Direct Unlock / Imei Repair / MSL Repair
    [+] Samsung SC02B Direct Unlock
    [+] Samsung SHW-M110S Direct Unlock
    [+] Samsung E1205T Read E2p Codes
    [+] Direct Unlock Option for A697, B3410W, C3510T
    M3710, S3650, S3653, S3850, S5330, S5333, S7070
    [+] support for latest SHW-W940 versions
    [+] Updated Unlock Databases Qcom and Omap
    [+] Updated to latest ADB Version
    [+] more NVM backup files for BaseBand Repair

    Get your unlock account now at UnlockSamsungOnline.com


    IMEI Remote Server
    [+] Updated Blackberry Unlock with new PRDs
    [+] Updated Alcatel Android Unlock PID database
    [+] Pantech P9060
    [+] New Alcatel phones Unlock by Imei and PID
    OT-922, OT-928, OT-985, OT-991, OT-993
    OT-995, OT-996, OT-A919, OT-A966, OT-A988
    OT-MOV2, OT-W939
    [+] Updated new PIDs for Alcatel 104A, 1801
    282X, 308A, 308F, 308X, 322X, 358G
    506A, 585A, 585DF, 585DX, 585X, 595DG
    595G, 602A, 602DX, 668A, 720DG, 720G
    810A, 810DX, 810X, 813X

    Unlock your Alcatel, Blackberry or Pantech now -> SimlockRemoteServer.com

    As always, all the best from
    SRS Team

    Simlock Remote Server - World Leaders in Remote Unlocking, VOTE NOW :)

    Download latest SRS installer:
    SRS client installer
    Have a test look:
    username: 'test'
    password: 'srscom'

    All older versions stop working!

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    iPhone AT&T USA unlock Normal - 22 USD (official method)
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    Motorola iDen direct unlock by cable

    + many many more at: UnlockAtHome.com website

    -Think, Save $, Unlock-
    -SRS Team-

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    facebook.com/simlockremoteserver - thanks!

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