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y is smsc not in vip

Discussion in 'Website Issues & Suggestions' started by neeraj, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. neeraj New Member

    shouldnt smsc b in vip i mean people could type somethin in google and find one from people wouldnt people post there smsc if it was in vip and make people post so they can see them in vip. i mean the fact i dont know how to seek and i on contract i wouldnt need them i just think it b a good idea
  2. Terry Active Member

    No one posts them anyway so whats the point?
  3. neeraj New Member

    that the point no body post them may be because there not in vip. i mean say if u had a smsc would you want to post them in a a place where any body came get them
  4. Terry Active Member

    I wouldn't be bothered because I don't use them anymore.
  5. neeraj New Member

    i dont but this place is dead and though might help if people wanted to post so they can get smsc
  6. Admin Administrator

    It won't make a difference if smscs were moved to the VIP section only. Free smscs are not as popular as they were 5 years ago.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. stevelondon20 Member

    it is a good suggestion mate, but again, as admin said, the smscs that are around these days are very rare indeed. However, if one becomes avaliable, and I obtain it, I will post.
  8. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Good boy.
  9. Admin Administrator

    When was the last time you posted an smsc on here anyway?
  10. barratt23 New Member

    Thought the same but really couldnt be botherd to comment at the time
  11. stevelondon20 Member

    I havent posted one yet. But if i do, you guys will be the first to know
  12. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    Thought you were a seeker? or does it interfere with your Computer Engineering skills? must be hard though i spose.
  13. stevelondon20 Member

    Whenever I get a chance I engage in seeking. But yeh, your right it is hard to find time to do anything these days. Work is pretty hefty. But I still find time to do the odd thing. Try and come on here as much as I can
  14. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    And all the other forums you use and advertise in your sig? my heart goes out to you Steve, you are 1 hell of a tropper. Does your boyfriend not mind all the time you put in? say hello to frank for me.
  15. barratt23 New Member

    Is that like your goal? to spend as much time on here as possible :confused::eek:
  16. Admin Administrator

    Who is Frank?
  17. stevelondon20 Member

    u 2 make me laugh.

    U can insult me as much as u like... See if i give a monkeys
  18. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    Steves boyfriend apparently.
  19. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    You probably give monkeys sucky sucky when franks not about.
  20. stevelondon20 Member

    its just phreaky bein silly. One day he'll grow up. He talks about faggots so much I WANDER if he is one. Ireckon maybe ur trying to cover it up. I'm practicaly married to my gfmate, so there is no way im an arse bandit. But maybe u are. U talk about it enough...
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